What is Bitfinex?

Bitfinex is a top exchange that is constantly trading in large volumes and regularly ranked as one of the best cryptocurrency platforms in standard operation today. The exchange overall is designed for traders of an intermediate and advanced group. It’s an accessible system and many institutions are even using the exchange to see profits as well. Bitfinex has always aimed to be one of the main exchanges for seasoned crypto traders. With comprehensive features and access to a variety of other traders in the exchange around the world.

Trading with Bitfinex:

The process of trading on Bitfinex is revolutionary as the platform is highly customizable. The interface in itself is modern and it’s designed for extremely experienced users to set up their preferences as they go.

The dashboard has a wide number of tabs and options that can make charting quite simple. The enhanced security for trading also ensures that there is no need for customers to worry about their crypto getting taken.

There are plenty of trading options that are also available on the platform including the option to do margin trading and more. Players can leverage up to 3.3x using peer-to-peer margin funding. Stop trading, Post orders and more are also available through this system.

There are 72 current pairings available for trade on Bitfinex which makes it one of the most comprehensive exchanges that is currently available.

Trading Fees on Bitfinex:

The trading fees can range from .1% to less than .1% on most of the traits. Higher rates can cover up to $500,000 a month where is seven the lower rates on trades can cover up to $30 million a month in trading. The fees which are paid can add new liquidity to the order but the overall costs are still quite low considering some other types of trading platforms.


  • Lower fees
  • High volume exchange
  • Great for customization and advanced training
  • Learning tools for help
  • Plenty of trading pairs

Deposit option in YEN/GBP/EUR/USD by bank wire.

Customer support:

The current customer support team that’s available on Bitfinex is regularly working 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The team has been one of the best in the market for their responses and the base knowledge that they have regarding crypto is excellent as well. The team generally handles any query sent in within 12 hours and this can make sure that your money is always in a good spot and that you can receive help exactly when it’s needed.


If you are looking for a large exchange that can offer an amazing value when it comes to your cryptocurrency investment, Bitfinex could be one of the best solutions for you to use. Although it may not be the most beginner friendly trading platform, it has the tools and the various currency pairings that make it a true player in the market. The advanced security on board and the excellent customer service also make it the perfect platform if you plan on stealing your cryptocurrency investment into a large portion of your portfolio.