What is Bitflyer?

Bitflyer stands as one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the entire world. It operates out of Japan as well as has offices in the United States and Europe. The exchange itself has transactions of over $100 billion. It was the first of the crypto exchanges to reach that number in 2017.

Most of the traffic along this exchange comes from Japan and with its recent expansion into the United States it’s become one of the best options to use throughout North and South America. Especially with the process of buying USD, this is a great system for quick trades.

Well-established since the year 2014 the community trust here is high and their customer support and dashboard really helps people wade into crypto trading.

Trading with Bitflyer:

The trading process on Bitflyer takes place on the dashboard where you can get a series of trade reports which can all be showcased in excel, CSV and more. On the home tab you can see a variety of reporting and some high-level market data on each one of the trading pairs that are available in Bitflyer.

Trading on Bitflyer also comes with a lightning exchange where you can make almost instant trades in a very quick format. You can have access to all of the reporting on the left-hand side and then the option to submit buy and sell orders as they are needed. The fast trading platform is not too intimidating for beginners and it also has an interface that makes trading super quick.

Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency to buy and sell over Bitflyer. The company really has an expanded their efforts into new types of coins or tokens and there is no plan to continue to do so. This is a bitcoin exchange for now.

Trading Fees on Bitflyer:

The trading fees on Bitflyer range from .02% up to .12% depending on the volume of trades that a person makes. Apart from trading fees there is also a transaction fee of .0008 BTC. For any type of withdrawals from the online accounts, users will also have to pay a $10 fee if they are going to convert their cryptocurrency into USD. Some of the transaction and transfer limits can also hold users back. You can only deposit and withdrawal up to $2000 a day and there is a maximum single transaction or trading limit of $3000. If you are able to verify your identity through customer service your limits can increase to up to $50,000.


  • Very established exchange
  • Great trading systems
  • Perfect for experienced traders
    Automated insights
  • Low fees for power users
  • Sepa transfer (Internet Banking)

Customer support:

As this is such a widely trusted exchange and because they have multiple offices, the customer support here is some of the best in the business. You can receive responses quickly and assistance with your trades or the platform just wanted needed. Customer support also handles identification verification quickly.


If you have been seeking a reputable trading platform for some time, this could be the best spot to trade in BTC through a well established exchange. Try out Bitflyer if you just plan on trading in bitcoin.